Compagniesdrift Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2019


A vibrant onion skin colour comes to mind. Due to the fact that this blend consist of twenty five percent Pinot Noir, nuances of pomegranate, cherries and various red fruit flavours are detected on the nose. Tropical flavours are also detected on the nose due to the Chardonnay portion.

The Chardonnay grapes add to the core of the wine with Pinot Noir adding some depth of flavours on the mid- palate. Such great companions in one glass that adds to the complexity that neither one brings on their own.

These flavours are well supported by a fresh acidity that helps to elevate the fruit profile thereof.



alc 12.35
rs 1.74
pH 3.31
ta 6.78
Winemaker Altus Treurnicht
Variety Chardonnay
BlendPercent Chardonnay / Pinot Noir
FoodSuggest Summer and spring comes to mind when one thinks of this wine.  Salads and cold meat like carpaccio, with some capers or pastas will be a great food companion with this wine. Although this wine will complement most dishes it could be enjoyed on its own amongst friends.
Ageing Up to 2 years, provided wine is stored in ideal cellar conditions.
Harvest Hand picked.
taste Fruity
type White
Kosher 0
Organic 0
Vegetarian 0
Wooded 0
Closure Screwcap
Pack Size 750ml
Pack Type Bottle


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